Making a Spectacle

Beading is a huge part of my identity. This particular piece was a finalist in the 2008 Bead Dreams competition, the largest beading contest in America, sponsored by Bead & Button Magazine. Without  a speck of modesty I say that it is every bit as beautiful as the day I finished it. This endeavor tookContinue reading “Making a Spectacle”

Best Break-up Ever

  “It’s not you. It’s me,” she said. “I’m the one who is reactive and histrionic. “And I’m sorry that I called you a worthless, lying sack of shit. You are a liar. You know that. You may even be a sack of shit but that doesn’t make you worthless, Honey. You have many otherContinue reading “Best Break-up Ever”

A Hero from the Mills of Lowell

He was a great story teller and a bad poker player. A veteran of World War II and he became a union leader at a time when few dared to be. How do you fit a story like his in a blurb? He puzzled me. He often retreated into a catatonic-like stare and I’d wonder where he’d gone.Continue reading “A Hero from the Mills of Lowell”