By the Time we got to Woodstock

Sixteen, pampered and fearless. We took my mother’s car and Leona drove to beautiful up-state New York, a Music and Art Fair, Aquarian exposition. How great did that sound?  I’d packed my coolest clothes and tucked my pillow with its starched white cover under my arm and set off on an adventure. The traffic crawled. Leona stillContinue reading “By the Time we got to Woodstock”

Woodstock, the Dawn of Day Two

We headed downhill to check out the lay of the land. It’d been a great night but a long one and those damp rows of corn patch were not conducive to sleep. We found the main path which led us down towards stage-right. We’d been hearing about these “Hog Farm” folks from the announcers. They’d competently set up a first-aid clinic andContinue reading “Woodstock, the Dawn of Day Two”

Woodstock, a Sunday of Music and Art

“I slept though The Who? HOW do you sleep through The Who? Why didn’t you wake me?” “Because if I was sleeping like that and you woke me, I’d have punched ya.” Leona was sullen in the best of conditions. Wet, hungry, unbearably filthy and crashing from acid, no one slept and yet I’d slept throughContinue reading “Woodstock, a Sunday of Music and Art”

Hendrix and Home from Woodstock

“What the hell is that?” “It’s ‘50’s music, Sha Na Na.” “Tell me I didn’t sleep through Hendrix.” “Nope.” Leona peeled her blanket up. The population of Woodstock had thinned during the night. The campers on the crest and half the audience had gone, believing as we did, that Hendrix was a no-show. What aContinue reading “Hendrix and Home from Woodstock”

Did you Know this About May 5th?

Re-posted from May 5th, 2016 We often think of Cinco de Mayo as the Mexican 4th of July. When it really was the day that the poor Mexican people bettered the rich and powerful French. Short history: After four years of civil war, Mexico owed millions in foreign debt. President Benito Juarez suspended payments of those debts forContinue reading “Did you Know this About May 5th?”

Best Break-up Ever

  “It’s not you. It’s me,” she said. “I’m the one who is reactive and histrionic. “And I’m sorry that I called you a worthless, lying sack of shit. You are a liar. You know that. You may even be a sack of shit but that doesn’t make you worthless, Honey. You have many otherContinue reading “Best Break-up Ever”

Labor Day Blues

It’s Labor Day, time to settle that age-long dispute over who founded it. Some say it was Mathew Maguire of the International Association of Machinists others claim it was Peter McGuire from the Brotherhood of Carpenters. Maguire vs McGuire, really? I am going to settle this dispute right here and now. The idea of LaborContinue reading “Labor Day Blues”


We were on our way to get an eyelift. He was getting the eyelift, not me, and frankly I was a little jealous. Why was he getting cosmetic surgery? Did he want to attract a younger woman? He could already do that if he wanted to. Was I about to be replaced by someone prettier?Continue reading “Surrender”

George Washington’s Tan & my Folly

I once had a conversation that went like this:   Me: My biggest fear in life is that I will die in Kernersville. Her: Why would you care where you die? Me: I rather drown in the pool at the Paris Ritz or crash a plane into Iguazu Falls… or be shot by a jealousContinue reading “George Washington’s Tan & my Folly”