By the Time we got to Woodstock

Sixteen, pampered and fearless. We took my mother’s car and Leona drove to beautiful up-state New York, a Music and Art Fair, Aquarian exposition. How great did that sound?  I’d packed my coolest clothes and tucked my pillow with its starched white cover under my arm and set off on an adventure. The traffic crawled. Leona stillContinue reading “By the Time we got to Woodstock”

Hendrix and Home from Woodstock

“What the hell is that?” “It’s ‘50’s music, Sha Na Na.” “Tell me I didn’t sleep through Hendrix.” “Nope.” Leona peeled her blanket up. The population of Woodstock had thinned during the night. The campers on the crest and half the audience had gone, believing as we did, that Hendrix was a no-show. What aContinue reading “Hendrix and Home from Woodstock”

Labor Day Blues

It’s Labor Day, time to settle that age-long dispute over who founded it. Some say it was Mathew Maguire of the International Association of Machinists others claim it was Peter McGuire from the Brotherhood of Carpenters. Maguire vs McGuire, really? I am going to settle this dispute right here and now. The idea of LaborContinue reading “Labor Day Blues”

Trading Ages

  Growing older has advantages, of which I admit to exploiting each one. Like senior coffee, being able to say, “I’ve forgotten your name.” without guilt and faking poor hearing to eavesdrop. Oh sure, there are times when I search for my glasses with one pair on my head and another hooked from my neck,Continue reading “Trading Ages”