Boost immunity (and your mood) with MICROGREENS

Wash your hands to prevent germs but to boost your immunity (and your mood) add microgreens to your plate. Bigger than a sprout but smaller than a baby green, these little babies are cut when their nutritional content is at the highest. Did I ever think I would enjoy kale? NOPE! But every day, alongContinue reading “Boost immunity (and your mood) with MICROGREENS”

Ty FB Friends!

It’s been a challenging few months. I spent them combing Facebook looking at cute animal videos, beautiful pictures of far off places, seriously funny comics and old videos that you posted. I found your delicious recipes, saw pictures of your darling children. I accepted your wisdom and found some great old music. Then I borrowedContinue reading “Ty FB Friends!”

“Shakespeare’s own play-house” (The Globe) | The Lost City of London

Originally posted on Rogues & Vagabonds:
On this day in 1644, “The Globe” was demolished by order of the Puritan City authorities (and the site redeveloped by Sir Matthew Brand or Brend). The play-house had originally been  built in 1599 … Source: “Shakespeare’s own play-house” (The Globe) | The Lost City of London