Making a Spectacle

Beading is a huge part of my identity. This particular piece was a finalist in the 2008 Bead Dreams competition, the largest beading contest in America, sponsored by Bead & Button Magazine. Without  a speck of modesty I say that it is every bit as beautiful as the day I finished it. This endeavor tookContinue reading “Making a Spectacle”

Ty FB Friends!

It’s been a challenging few months. I spent them combing Facebook looking at cute animal videos, beautiful pictures of far off places, seriously funny comics and old videos that you posted. I found your delicious recipes, saw pictures of your darling children. I accepted your wisdom and found some great old music. Then I borrowedContinue reading “Ty FB Friends!”

The Good Man

Readers might know that I’m not a blushing flower. This is due to the fact that I have already made every f-ing embarrassing mistake that a human can make and I consider myself immune to mortification. So there’s this man (who looks nothing like the man in the photo)  who’s the neighborhood hound dog. YouContinue reading “The Good Man”

Reach Out and Touch…

I am a strong advocate for human touch, elder touch to be specific. I engage in it. I blog about it. I wrote my book, Toggle hoping that it would encourage older women to open up to love. I speak about this subject at every hint of a chance. Psychology Today published an article aboutContinue reading “Reach Out and Touch…”


We were on our way to get an eyelift. He was getting the eyelift, not me, and frankly I was a little jealous. Why was he getting cosmetic surgery? Did he want to attract a younger woman? He could already do that if he wanted to. Was I about to be replaced by someone prettier?Continue reading “Surrender”

Trading Ages

  Growing older has advantages, of which I admit to exploiting each one. Like senior coffee, being able to say, “I’ve forgotten your name.” without guilt and faking poor hearing to eavesdrop. Oh sure, there are times when I search for my glasses with one pair on my head and another hooked from my neck,Continue reading “Trading Ages”

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen…

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon a group of hippies sat on Hampton Beach and all were “bummed out”, as we said so often in those days. “How,” I hear you asking, “Could anyone possibly be bummed out on a Sunday at Hampton Beach? Well, instead of being grateful for a weekend full of fun, sun,Continue reading “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen…”

Sh!# Storms and other Phenomena

I’ve had a great life. I was there for the good bands, even went to Woodstock. I’ve visited four continents- lived on two. I watched the moon landing, the information age exploded, the Berlin Wall fell… the list goes on. I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor. I have loved, I have lost (insert Sinatra soundtrack,Continue reading “Sh!# Storms and other Phenomena”