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Motivational speaker wanted?

Hire me, an entertaining and engaging speaker for your group or event. please message me here, on Facebook or email jonna198@hotmail.com.

I speak about

  • Microgreens. My favorite subject is the health benefits of microgreens. Learn how to grow them, how to cook with them and I bring lots of samples.
  • Finding Love. Somewhere out there are groups of men wondering where all the good women are. Learn how to attract that special someone no mater how you identify.
  • Living with Depression, Anger and Anxiety. If you’re not depressed or angry, then what the hell is wrong with you? Why aren’t you taking folate?
  • Energetic Healing. Raised at the knee of two generations of Wise Women, how I learned to observe, intuit and heal.
  • The Magic of Touch.  Psychologists are calling it “skin hunger”. Make sure your loved ones get regular cuddles.
  • Woodstock, 50 Years Later. Where is that dream now and what happened to the Peace and Love

But I’m more than a speaker.

I’m half Greek, half Canadian French Metis Native from Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell was a great place to grow up, full of history and diversity. We were near enough to Boston and a short ride to Hampton Beach. We had Golden Gloves Boxing and the Commodore Ballroom where we heard some of the greatest music in history.

I once (directly caused by too much free time) had a large reputation as a bead artist. I won many awards and my work has been published all over the world… then the cataracts happened and I gave up my art.

I could barely read the sign that said, “When life gives you lemons, chop those suckers up and grab the Tequila.”

015Beaded Bracelet

So now I grow and sell microgreens.nutritional-value-microgreens  It’s how I ground… how I serve.

And I write… it’s in the blood… I have stories, some real, some imagined and some embellished.

What I have learned from observing the dark and ugly side of life is that nothing matters more than kindness and love.

Mine has been an incredible life  in the best possible time and place. Sure I’m getting older but I love life more than ever, and as Sinatra sang, “The best is yet to come…”.



Puffed Hoop Earrings photo, courtesy of Bead & Button Magazine.´




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