about me

I’m half Greek, half Canadian French Metis Native from Lowell, Massachusetts.

I first moved to Boston in 1969. Both are tough cities full of tough people, so I know enough secrets to send a lot of already dead guys to jail, for what that’s worth. So when somebody says something like, “Over my dead body.” my mind travels to… ahh… remember that guy… Joey the Noose? It’s silly to live in judgment when you recall hit-men fondly.

I come from a time when being a professional student was both possible and affordable. I sat through, lots of religion classes, studied with Swamis and Shamans at churches or shrines, Reiki and Silva looking, searching for what is good and right. I still have more questions then answers.

I once (directly caused by too much free time) had a large reputation as a bead artist. I won many awards and my work has been published all over the world… then the cataracts happened and I gave up my art.

I could barely read the sign that said, “When life gives you lemons, chop those suckers up and grab the Tequila.”

015Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Necklace

How do I spend my spare time? I walk in the woods with my dog. It’s where I ground. It’s where I worship.

And I write… it’s in the blood… I have stories, some real, some imagined and some embellished.

What I have learned from observing the dark and ugly side of life is that nothing matters more than kindness and love.

Mine has been an incredible life  in the best possible time and place. Sure I’m getting older but I love life more than ever, and as Sinatra sang, “The best is yet to come…”.

So I write about the magic of love and touch. What’s the best part about writing of love? I assure you, it’s the research and I don’t mind direct question related to

thissubject, something like, “Jonna, is it true that at your age you still have an active love life?”

“Why, yes. Thank you for asking.” Because nothing in the world is more dear than affection, a simple touch from another. Holding someone’s hand, a lovely kiss, these are the ways we connect. And making love with another humans is the greatest pleasure of all.



Puffed Hoop Earrings photo, courtesy of Bead & Button Magazine.´