When CNN launched 24 hr News in 1980 most who worked in the news industry thought it responsible-journalismwould fail. Bets were made, speculation. How long they would last? In the late seventies, a half hour of local news cost a fortune to produce. How could CNN cover the globe? There was no way they could sustain that. Anyone could do that math.

That was over 36 years ago. The number of 24 hr News Cycles increased. We became news junkies. I was one. Then I remembered that the programs exist only to manipulate us into watching the commercials. Whatever keeps us glued to the tube sells food. A daily dose of fear makes short work of that.

Now that the news is a bevy of opinion-heads it has become, much cheaper to produce, extremely profitable, imagine the power one has when they can convince the people. But TV personalities aren’t held to truth. They can say anything as long as they support their employer’s agenda. It is they, their employers, who mold our history now… get presidents elected… or not.

Regardless of which channel you choose, the news cycle is the same and it works like this, first it fills us with fear, then it is paid for by commercials that sell products which promise to make us feel better about how angry, dissatisfied, or afraid we feel. We buy the products, eat the food but we don’t feel better so we ask our doctors for that new pill. Then we watch more fake-fear news because fear is what sells. It’s addictive. You gotta watch it or you won’t know when to worry.

Meanwhile responsible news sources dwindle.

Some say that there is too much happening and all so fast, too much for the human brain to process. The news channels must be selective about what they cover, then they dumb it down for the public, repeat it over and again to be sure we understand their point.

I think that we are smart enough, if given the facts, to form opinions of our own, don’t you?

I say bring back responsible journalism, journalists with facts. Truth is what will make us great again… in my opinion.








Published by jonna ellis holston

After gaining notoriety as an Internationally published bead artist Jonna has redirected her energy, humor and creativity to writing, and public speaking. This avid student of humanity has lived and traveled extensively on 4 continents. "I have spent a lifetime watching people and find that we are the same everywhere, we all want the same things... just in different flavors," says Holston. She combines her lifelong observations and adds a dash of silliness to her speaking engagements, "We all need to laugh so let's do it together!"

4 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I miss Walter Cronkite. When the “just the facts” approach to journalism dwindled away, America continued to rely on the news as reporting the facts. So sad. Now, news resembles 60 Minutes. If they don’t like something it feels like a witch hunt. And, the commercials! Truth is what will make us great again. You said it well, Jonna. Thanks!

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  2. Unfortunately, we live in a world of deliberate illusion and propaganda.
    How can anyone know the truth unless seen with one’s own eyes.
    We cannot believe anything written, aired or televised – all sources have an agenda.
    We now have to rely on our instincts as to what is true.
    This is good as it refines our intelligence daily.
    Be brave – conquer fear.


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