Look for the Greener Lining



America, there is a way that Trump could make short work of healing this country. I know this and so do many of you. He could create jobs, raise revenue, promote wellness, help the farmers, reduce crime and make most everyone happy, because if there was one clear winner in the 2016 election it was the marijuana industry.

The first advertisement I saw the morning after his election was about making money in pot. “You don’t have to smoke the stuff to invest in it,” it said. No doubt there are huge profits to be made. Thousands of marijuana companies and marijuana related industries are being publicly traded. From Silicon Valley to Snoop Dog, people are pouring millions into what is bigger than the gold rush.

This is the Green Rush. Medical marijuana is now available in more than half the states in the country and before The Celestial Mother looks down her Aquarian nose at the idea of making money from the sick, think of the millions this can help, the Multiple Sclerosis patients, epileptic children, Autism, Parkinson’s, cancer, PTSD, restless leg. There is a growing list of ailments that can be helped by medical marijuana and the research continues. The only loser here could be the pharmaceutical industry (who nobody likes anyway) and they can choose to bend with the high times or go bust!

Please be kind to one another and take it from a Woodstock hippy, any adversity is easier to bear with a bong. You may not agree with your neighbor but you can share a doobie and chill. Even Donald might enjoy a pleasant hit!

The author wishes to remind the reader that recreational use of marijuana is only legal in certain US states, all of Canada, Uruguay, Chile, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Colombia, India, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Australia, and the Netherlands.



  1. Your post correctly states how people can take the “high” road.
    Marijuana is not an “escape” it is a “revealer” for human thought and emotion.
    It breaks down the ego, and allows for critical thought. Something that I know you already know. With recreational use maybe more uptight Americans will get the message and see the Greener Lining – in everything.


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