Best Break-up Ever


“It’s not you. It’s me,” she said. “I’m the one who is reactive and histrionic.


“And I’m sorry that I called you a worthless, lying sack of shit. You are a liar. You know that. You may even be a sack of shit but that doesn’t make you worthless, Honey. You have many other lovely qualities and you will find some other woman who will love you for them.”

“I promise. I won’t lie anymore,” he said. “I can change.”

“Why would you change? Lying is a behavior which has served you over your life. It has rewarded you with the things you want so why would you change that?” She sucked on her e-cig. “How I react to your lies is my choice. I can choose to be amused by them or I can allow them anger me. I have been angry for too long. That is entirely my fault.

“So, it’s not you, it’s me.” He regarded her quizzically.

“You see, lying means you do not have the courage to speak your truth so it’s not your behavior. It’s mine.” She let go of his hand.

“I just can’t be with a coward.”






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