I can’t listen to Janis anymore. Her voice was always heartbreaking but now when I hear her it’s as though wounds open in my psyche, my heart and my soul.

Nobody should hurt like she hurt. No one should cry as she cried. No one with that much talent should die so young. We had so few years of you.

She opened herself so completely, so honestly.

She sang our need to be loved, to be understood and accepted for who we were.

She sang the pain of a nation who mourned Martin, Bobby and JFK.

She sang for me. There will never be anyone who comes close.


Janis Joplin died October 4th in 1970 at age 27.



  1. You are so right! I adored her music and still do. I recently shared my record albums with my son (he calls them vinyls), and we listed together to Cheap Thrills. That’s when Janis was just making it big, and the album is under Big Brother and the Holding Company (not Janis). Remember? Years ago I read that Janis returned to her 10-year high school reunion, only to be jeered (again) by her snobby classmates. She was so far ahead of them, which contributed to her insecurity. I have often wondered if Janis would have ‘made it’ had she not gone to the reunion.


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