Surviving this Election

Eight years ago I lost a good friend because of an election. I didn’t get her point of view and she didn’t get mine. Tensions escalated and the friendship between us was strained. It has been sad to not have her in my life as she was, like we once were.

This election is extraordinary. For the first time in history we have the choice between a celebrity billionaire and a female Washington insider, and up until a few months ago we still had a viable candidate who is a socialist.

A billionaire, a socialist and a woman, I keep waiting for the big Monty Python foot to drop down on us, but for so many, there is no humor to be found.monty-python-foot

Never before have we seen candidates that are so… so… “Something Completely Different” and it is a frightening reminder of how incredibly divided we are as a nation. We take our choice seriously. No wonder that Monday night’s debate had record ratings. It even trumped football. Everybody is invested in this.

I feel your pain.

Remember when our choice was between reasonable people like Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson who didn’t interrupt our programs to bring us assault ads that begin to feel like spam, spam, spam and spam?

For decades we have voted against a hated candidate instead of for one we like. Our country is hurting. Can you feel our pain?

We have just over a month left of this election and as tensions escalate please don’t lose relationships with friends and loved ones over this. We will make it through, like so many before.

Reminder: We have survived some terrible times and some horrible presidents.


*Let’s try to solidify ourselves as a people. United we stand.

*Let’s respect each other. Opinions are often borne from fear (and there is a lot of that going around).

* Detach, find it interesting rather than incendiary.

* Let’s not make a Flying Circus of it all.


*Dear Lord, let us heal!



Please do not make this a forum for debate. I’d rather have pictures of your puppies and kitties. Here’s mine.lucci


  1. Well said, Jonna. I am at polar opposites with some of my dearest friends, yet we choose to simply not discuss the issues of politics because that is one tiny part of… no, actually that has nothing to do with why we became friends in the first place and all the other things that added to our friendship. Yes, I miss Eisenhower and Stevenson debates. I also miss real news, like Walter Cronkite. I am the eternal glass-half-full, and still believe that most people feel this way. We just don’t see that on TV. That’s the big shame. -Jennie-

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