Reach Out and Touch…


I am a strong advocate for human touch, elder touch to be specific. I engage in it. I blog about it. I wrote my book, Toggle hoping that it would encourage older women to open up to love. I speak about this subject at every hint of a chance.

Psychology Today published an article about the need to touch. Lack of touch leads to a condition called “skin hunger”. It’s a real thing. Babies die from it. To be honest, I’m not crazy about the name. It sounds like the title of a horror novel. I can see the book jacket now, Skin Hunger: The cannibalistic appetite of a depraved serial killer.

Okay forget I said that.

I got a response to a six month old post. This woman was appalled that I had lovers. She berated me on my lack of character and judgment (which she had, apparently mulled over for six months). She said that people must be spiritually, emotionally and intellectually aligned. That they should date for a minimum of six months before they discuss a physical relationship and that they must promise to be unerringly faithful to each other. She continued to say that she did not think that she should settle for less than that (hinting that I had) and until she finds her soul mate she will get her affection from her dogs.

Dear Reader, Live your life how you want. I will do the same. Thank you for your comment and I hope that your dog is a good kisser.


I meet weekly with a Reiki group. We touch in a non- threatening atmosphere. We are mostly older women healers. I love these women. They are some of the finest, wisest, kindest people I know. They know to their soul the importance and healing value of human touch.

“Just touch me” has become a joke among us. One woman commented on how popular we would become if we wore T-shirts that said, “just touch me”. We tittered bashfully at the innuendo. Even our minds went to the salacious.

When did the word touch begin to mean more than touch? Why does caress imply fondle. How can we get our minds out of the gutter and just love each other?

We teach our children not to touch each other. Teachers aren’t allowed to hug their students. I’ve known mothers who don’t hug their adult children. What is going to happen to the psychological well-being of our descendants who clutch their smart phones? We are in danger of becoming emotionally detached and we need to talk about this.

Please. People, get out and ask for hugs. Extend that hug for fifteen seconds or more to get the health benefits. Hold hands across a cup of coffee, link arms or hold hands when you walk. Hug your family and friends. It takes so little effort and makes life so much more meaningful.

Reach out and touch… just touch.

Published by jonna ellis holston

After gaining notoriety as an Internationally published bead artist Jonna has redirected her energy, humor and creativity to writing, and public speaking. This avid student of humanity has lived and traveled extensively on 4 continents. "I have spent a lifetime watching people and find that we are the same everywhere, we all want the same things... just in different flavors," says Holston. She combines her lifelong observations and adds a dash of silliness to her speaking engagements, "We all need to laugh so let's do it together!"

One thought on “Reach Out and Touch…

  1. You are absolutely right, Jonna. Touch is emotional nurturing and even healing. I constantly touch my preschoolers. A big smile and open arms to welcome a child into a warm hug does wonders. Words are not needed.

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