Awww, Puppies…

pup quiz

Take the Pup Quiz. Here are pictures of real puppies. Oh you missed them? Take a second look. It’s an easy mistake. They are in the arms of these  smoking hot fire fighters and… wait… I gotta get me some water.

Here are my observations

The Fire Pup on the RIGHT is hiding behind his little puppy.

  1. He must be afraid of commitment, probably not totally committed to this picture.
  2. Maybe he’s afraid that we’re objectifying him. You know sensitive they get if you only like them for their body.
  3. Shame on you, you’re intimidating him! He just wants to be loved, fed and petted.

The Pup in the MIDDLE has the abs and vascularity of a professional body builder.

  1. I would join any gym he recommended.
  2. He spends about five hours a day lifting heavy things. Quick, think of something heavy you need moved.
  3. Dear Merciful GOD IN HEAVEN, make him loose his pants! Make them disappear like flash paper in lightning!

The Pup on the LEFT has a solid stance, an engaging smile and he holds that puppy like it’s an infant.

  1. He’s perfect, I’d pick him.
  2. Oh, don’t fall for that practiced sincerity. He’ll burn you in a heartbeat!
  3. Here, boy. Want a biscuit?

And wouldn’t life be more fun if all puppies came with their own firemen attached? It’s a well-known fact that animals enrich our lives in so many ways. The shelters would be empty and we’d all have working fire extinguishers in our homes.

I’d love to hear your commentary.


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