Women Seeking Men, part five


In part five of Woman Seeking Men we look at on-line dating sites.

Of the fifty-four million single people in this country only 15% admit to having used dating sites and 5% of those people claim never to have had a first date, so make that a… probable… 10% of all singles use dating sites.

We don’t need statistics to tell us that people misrepresent the truth on dating sites. Men exaggerate their income or height and women fudge their weight or age.even I lie on dating sites

I know people lie on dating sites because I lied on dating sites. I once even lied about my sex. I joined as a man… for research… for science… to see who my competition was.

In my defense, I was over fifty and once you hit fifty there are twice as many ladies as men on these sites. I’m a curious person. I wanted to know who else was out there looking for love.

I found many sincere women. Some of those sincere women were wearing lingerie. One very sincere woman implied she loved to give BJs while he watched sports on TV and two were surrounded by blue ribbons which they claimed to have won at the county fair for baking pies.

It’s possible. The statistics don’t cover BJs and pie but according to the Pew Research Center a quarter of Americans agree with this statement, “People who use on-line dating sites are desperate.” I don’t agree with that statement at all. I think we all have desperate moments, but that’s part of life. Find love where you can. I’m all for it.

But the most successful on-line dating story I’ve heard of was… Phil.

Phil was okay looking, a college graduate He had a good job. But nobody liked him. I am telling the absolute truth. His personality was so bad that even his mother couldn’t stand him. Phil met a woman on-line and six months later they were married. I think that by the time they first met they had so much time and money invested in the relationship that they had convinced themselves that they could ignore the giant A-hole in the room. You can’t hide your true self for long. Three months after a big expensive wedding Janie went back home to Georgia and filed divorce papers.I ONLY LIEDONCE, I SWEAR!

I decided that life is too short for computer dating. My time is better spent doing something that I love, dancing, swing, contra, jazz. I love the gym and swimming and I meet actual people. I know how tall they are. They can guess my age and there is nothing better than eye to eye contact and a smile.

So enjoy your free time and spend it savoring a smoothie on a park bench, building bird houses for children, gardening or in the millions of ways you can start a conversation with someone new. Oh… here’s an Idea… take your laptop to Starbucks and get a group discussion going as you play the Bachelor Game with on-line guys. Everyone there will know you are single and you never know where that could lead!


One particular on-line dating site claims that 5% of all the committed relationships in the US today started on-line. So if 10% of us use on-line dating and 5% of us get married then that means that… half of us got our… happily ever after???

That doesn’t add up!

You’re better off talking to strangers.



  1. I’ve tried online dating multiple times. I probably only been on 3 dates with women I’ve met online. I think in our fast busy society online dating is a great way to meet people you’re attracted to who are outside your social circle. But everyone uses online dating for different reasons. Some people are lonely and just want someone to text with, other people are looking for quick sex or intimacy, while others are looking for a meaningful relationship. The point is everyone has different intentions and expectations when dating.

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