Women Seeking Men, part one

Woman Seeking Men.

How many women are looking for love? According to Google there are approximately 90,000 searches each month using exactly those words, “women seeking men”. What I want to know is how many of those women are finding love?All you need is

I think everyone wants love. There’s nothing more delicious than the feeling of being truly loved and adored. So this is my mission: to bring people together for love.

I admit to being blessed in this area but it hasn’t always been so. I’ve had my share of heart break… but I bounced back… I became stronger, wiser, and much more self-aware.

Now I’m sixty three years old… with wrinkles and a saggy butt… but, I have learned to emulate the women I have known who were truly successful with men. I may not be a complete man magnet, myself, but I understand men. I’ve been told many times that I think more like a man. I know what attracts them and I want to pass the torch to help other women, like you, find the love they deserve.

So, in this blog series I share with you my insights and techniques on how to attract guys. I am talking about finding a good man here, so if you are one of the many women looking for men then you have found the right blog.

There is an art to attracting guys. For almost 50 years I have studied the man magnets. I have admired their confidence and their carriage. Newsflash- they are NOT always the hottest gal at the bar! These women have developed that certain something that’s irresistible.

Example: what was it about Camilla Parker that caused Prince Charles to choose her over the lovely (but meek) Diana?

So this series begins with YOU, starting with your carriage. How do you walk into a room, with trepidation or self-confidence? Your body language reveals a great deal of how you feel about yourself. So how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel that you are lovable? Do you feel worthy of being loved?

I want to give you practical advice which can produce immediate results, so that you can begin to attract love into your life NOW.

If you are plagued with negative thinking, you’ll have to fake it until you make it. First learn to act as though you are confident.

When you walk, take your time; walk slowly and with a positive affirmation in your mind. Some suggestions are:

  1. Think, “I am irresistibly attractive”.
  2. “I radiate love and I attract love.”
  3. Or my favorite, hum and think the lyrics to the song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred (check him out on YouTube).

Do you think this sounds silly? Well, many models admit to doing exactly this type of self-talk on the runway and during photo shoots. Learn to walk as if there is a string attached to each hip that magically (and elegantly) pulls you forward. Keep a slight smile on your lips (as if you know a really juicy secret) and act like you’re the best damn woman around. You probably are.

But be friendly and approachable. Never, ever look down your nose at anyone.

Home work:

Yes, there is home work! You must work on knowing that you are one of God’s brilliant creations and completely worthy of attracting the love of a good man into your life!

So make an honest list of all your qualities and add to that list daily. Look at yourself, eye to eye, in a mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are. You have a list (in case you need a cheat sheet). Remember, you are learning to love yourself first, learning to respect and empower yourself… learning to develop the air of the irresistible woman and you are learning… to attract love.

And practice. Catch yourself when you think negative thoughts and replace them with… “I’m too sexy for my hat. What choo think about that!…” and make it fun!

In the weeks to follow I will share the who’s, the what’s, the where’s and why. Like any art it takes practice, exploration and commitment.

So watch for my blog “Women Seeking Men” on Thursdays because this information can change your life, significantly.

With and for… love,


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