“Shakespeare’s own play-house” (The Globe) | The Lost City of London

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On this day in 1644, “The Globe” was demolished by order of the Puritan City authorities (and the site redeveloped by Sir Matthew Brand or Brend). The play-house had originally been  built in 1599 … Source: “Shakespeare’s own play-house” (The Globe) | The Lost City of London

Trading Ages

  Growing older has advantages, of which I admit to exploiting each one. Like senior coffee, being able to say, “I’ve forgotten your name.” without guilt and faking poor hearing to eavesdrop. Oh sure, there are times when I search for my glasses with one pair on my head and another hooked from my neck,Continue reading “Trading Ages”

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen…

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon a group of hippies sat on Hampton Beach and all were “bummed out”, as we said so often in those days. “How,” I hear you asking, “Could anyone possibly be bummed out on a Sunday at Hampton Beach? Well, instead of being grateful for a weekend full of fun, sun,Continue reading “Now, Ladies and Gentlemen…”