Socially Incorrect


Recently I was kicked off a spiritual chat site. It was just a site, a site for voicing feelings related to… spirituality… I thought. All I did, seriously, all I did, was encourage a very happy woman to bask in her bliss. The moderator banned me from a site for not being Buddhist enough, not Zen enough for them. I never claimed to be Buddhist. The site had not specified that it was only for Buddhists. And, honest to GOD, a Buddhist Monk chastised me profusely with cuss words included. Can you even conceive of such behavior from a Monk?

Until this year I would never have imagined it but, honest to Christ, we can’t even Him in Christmas. Is our skin thin enough yet? “Holiday” has to cover everything from Halloween to Yom Kippur, Kwanza to Easter. About the only holiday that’s safe anymore is the 4th of July and I wouldn’t hold out hope on that one either. Soon we’ll be saying, “Happy Watching Fireworks This Hot Summer Night On Which People Think a Revolution Happened, But Don’t Tell Them it Was Really a Secession Cuz We Didn’t Actually Overthrow the British Monarchy Day”.

I read a blog the last week that criticized the classic 1964 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer animated film. The author stated that, not only did the other reindeer fail to embrace the diversity of Rudolph’s red nose, not only did his family shamefully closet this difference but that Santa, himself, encouraged bullying behavior during reindeer games. With all the subjects in this wide world there are to blog about, this person chose the politically incorrectness of the Rudolph movie. Huh?

Is our skin thin enough, now?

Facebook feels like a ‘your either with us or against us’ line in the sand. Vote now. say Amen if you agree and woe to those who are not with the program. One Facebook friend (who is btw a real, genuine friend) railed about the Christmas thing. Another FB friend of hers gently replied, “I love you very much, but do you know that there are more Muslims in the world than there are Christians?”

Not in my neighborhood. Not in this town, state or country. And speaking of country, are we really going to voluntarily give up our right to free speech over Holiday Greetings? Not me.

Do I sound angry?

Nope, not me. I am happy, happy to be alive, happy to have food and friends and chocolate! This is Christmas time, figgy pudding, corny music, happy kids with toys and peppermint. I can keep Christ in with some friends; keep it out with the others because it is my choice.

And, let me state this clearly, in order to be my friend you don’t have to live by my set of rules.

And for the Buddhists who insist on Ananda (translated as, what is)… BLISS is what is, you asshole! It’s Christmas! Dig it!



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