Birthday Miracle? Or am I Just Lucky?

I love birthdays, specifically mine. I celebrate my birthday for a week because I can, and if this is a trend I can start and everyone begins to do it, only good can come of it.

Last year’s was particularly amazing, Mexican one night, Thai another, drinks with old buddies. One night I had an impromptu poetry reading from the talented Nick Boulet. On my actual birthday last year, the crescendo of Birthday Week, I spent my afternoon laughing with my handsome, entertaining Southern Gentleman. He bought me orchids. We ate prime rib and spilt a slice of German Chocolate cake for desert. Later we delighted in a night wrapped in each other’s arms. It was perfect.

This year, Birthday Week started differently. On the First Day of Birthday I was screamed at by a friend, on the Second I got jilted. I thought he broke up with me because he was cheap, but no, it was much, much worse than that. He left me for a younger, pretty woman. On the Third Day of Birthday my publisher reported further delays on my book release.

Well, you can see how this is going.

Now, I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction. I think we all are responsible for what happens in our lives. So, on the Fourth Day I took a long walk in the woods with my dog wondering how I attracted this crap. Didn’t I always look at the brighter side, find the good in everything? Haven’t I been learning and living in the attitude of gratitude for years and hasn’t my life improved enormously?

Yes, it has improved… vastly, immeasurably. I know this. I am lucky to have had a few boyfriends in the past year. After all, dating at my age is not for the faint of heart. I also KNOW that my bottom is never going to look like a twenty five year old bottom; my face will never look like a twenty five year old face. I can do that kind of math. I also knew that there was only one thing I could do if I expected my birthday week to improve, I needed to improve.

Back to the basics of the Law of Attraction, I thought; start looking for simple things to appreciate. I loved the beauty of the sky, the sound of leaves crisping under my footsteps. I watched my dog enjoy simple canine pleasures and took joy from that. Eventually, I was thankful that I wasn’t vested in that guy and I decided to wish him well. I decided to have faith that my book will be released at the best possible time and my friend will still be my friend because I can forgive her. Maybe that’s the lesson here, celebrate who I am, I can be patient. I can forgive. I can decide how to feel.

That night an old boyfriend called, not just any old boyfriend, the fabulous one, the white night boyfriend, the one who I would be with, always, if our lives were not separated by many miles. He had last minute business in Atlanta and invited me to go along. The Fifth Day of Birthday was spent in anticipation and waxing, pedicure, hair dye and nails, not just for him but also for me, I pampered myself because I deserved to look my best.

On the Sixth Day we met, embraced and enjoyed each other’s company. The drive was pleasurable and easy. We had a romantic dinner in Stone Mountain and checked into a beautiful hotel. Actual birthday morning I awoke in the arms of a beautiful soul, a man I have adored since we first met and it only got better from there. Happy birthday, me!

Note to self: Enjoy and appreciate the little things and the big ones will follow.


  1. I don’t like my birthday much it is 3 days before Christmas. After a while I get rather confused now what did I get for my birthday and what did I get for Christmas.


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